MSc. CS.
Software and Web Developer


My name is Sune and i am a 31 year old developer who loves making sites, apps, games and more. I have a MSc. in Computer Science, with my master thesis being in machine intelligence. Development and design of modern software is my passion and i am always interesting in creating something creative. I grew up on the countryside near GrĂžnbjerg, a little westjutlandic village. As a person I am always ready for new and exciting projects, as it is a great way to expand my competences.


Normally I develop on my laptop with Archlinux and Gnome, where i prefer Ruby on Rails and JavaScript frameworks. However for Unity3D, photoshop, Java, .NET I usually switch to Windows. I use Sublime 3, with a bunch of plugins and I love it. Weekly i also volunteer to teach programming and game development to children/youth at Coding Pirates

Acoustic guitar

One of my hobbies is Music. I have an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a big old fashioned piano. I enjoy playing music, and fiddling with effects and tools. One day I hope I have the skills to write and produce professional music or get a gig.

Painting palette

Painting is also a big hobby of mine. I mostly paint oil but also sometimes acrylic. At the moment I am very much a beginner but I think I have made some nice pieces by following the guidance of the great TV Show "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross.


Meeting new people, making friends and trying out new things is also a joyous way to spend my time. Often it is board games, bowling, cocktails, badminton or trying out some new food. Otherwise i often enjoy reading or watching scifi, fantasy, or thriller stories.